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WordPress Engineer

At Valuebound, we are a dynamic team excelling in delivering top-notch

digital experiences for enterprise-level clients. Specializing in open-source

technologies, we bring expertise in both Drupal and WordPress to cater to

diverse and complex business needs.

Our client, Travelopia, a pioneer in the realm of specialized travel, offers an

array of tailored and exclusive journeys across the globe. With a focus on

delivering unforgettable experiences, Travelopia combines innovative

technology and exceptional customer service, setting new benchmarks in the

travel sector. This role presents a unique opportunity for WordPress

engineers to contribute to a leading company that is shaping the future of

bespoke travel.

As Wordpress engineer, you would solve complex engineering challenges

using WordPress.

Experience Range- 3+ yrs (upto 7yrs)

Location- Banalore and Indore.

Key Responsibilities

- Deliver secure, scalable, and easy-to-maintain WordPress solutions using

engineering best practices and relevant coding standards.

- Write test cases for all the code you develop.

- Write and maintain technical project documentation including inline code

commenting, Git repo readme, and clear commit messages.

- Respect timelines and communicate progress proactively.

- Help other engineers on the team through code reviews, and other peer


Must Haves

- In-depth WordPress development experience with high-quality outcomes.

- A decent understanding of HTML, CSS, and plain JavaScript.

- Comfortable with git-based development and deployment workflow.

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