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Technical Writer

Health Domain Product company looking for Technical Writers.

Experienced Technical Writer role focuses on creating modular, minimalistic user-centric content for medium complexity features and products. Your mission is to understand user behavior and develop content for new features geared toward both technical and non-technical audiences that explains how to use the product, along with the best practices for doing so.

We have a lot of reverence for our user content, and you’ll work with an enthusiastic conglomerate of content developers and editors who are passionate about the product being explained in a way that makes it as accessible and successful as possible. You will contribute exemplary content, support the development of the knowledge base and help shape and steer our content vision and strategy.

• 1 to 6 years of content development, preferably in a software industry

• Impeccable grammar and writing skills

• Strong problem-solving skills

• Strong organization skills. Must be able to handle multiple tasks concurrently

• Experience to perform research and analyze the available product information from requirements, specifications and user stories

• Knowledge of SDLC, DDLC, and DITA

• Experience and ability to participate in with peer review

• Experience working in an XML authoring environment is preferred

• Experience working in an Agile environment is preferred


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