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Solution Architect

Company creates digital product experiences where your customers are treated consistently and personally no matter where they encounter the brand. It is a method of unifying and simplifying the journey so that customers get what they want with minimal friction.

Company's goal is to create a best-in-class technology organization that can do justice to enterprises and VC-funded startups alike in terms of their growing digital appetite. We, therefore, have been and will continue to be on a high growth trajectory (so upside of a potential start-up) and safety of a services organization.

Solution Architect

with emerging technology at the centre, exploring possibilities, creating opportunities

Description: Seasoned Technologist, having entrepreneurial spirit. Someone who finds the right balance between democratic and demonstrative leadership.

Basic Premise

1. Experience in software engineering and design architecture

2. Analysing the problem thoroughly from every angle

3. Coming up with the best tech solutions among a bunch of other solutions

4. Providing adequate details and explanation about the problem and the solution

5. Outlining the requirements needed to achieve the ideal outcome

6. Laying down specifics as to steps that will allow the achievement of that outcome

7. Mentor to members in Technical Architecture Services (TAS) Team

8. Focus on Continuous improvement, focus on emerging technologies

9. Aspire to be an Enterprise Architect

Technology Breadth

1. Expert in hosting AWS with one of the following (Optional)

a. Acquia

b. Pantheon

2. Demonstrated expert level software development skills in at least two of the following Tech Stacks (Mandatory)





3. Expert in CMS architecture, experience in designing headless CMS architecture

4. Engineered migration strategy with focus on standardization to reduce waste

5. Expert in dynamic languages like Java and/or Python

6. Good understanding of OAuth, SSO

7. Expert in API technology, Knowledge of typical enterprise integration patterns

8. Good understanding of Data analytics and Reporting tools and technology


• Expert in DevOps technique

• Certified AWS Solution Architect

• Agile Expert

• Good understanding of UI/UX


• Superior Communication

• Risk Identification and Management


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