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Mobile testing ( Phone pe)

Mobile testing

A leading digital testing boutique firm providing a complete portfolio of software quality engineering and testing solutions through a flexible combination of its on-shore, off-shore and crowdsourced workforce. Our clients range from growth stage start-ups to unicorns, to fortune 500 firms cutting across industries and covering the latest technologies in digital, cloud and IoT space.

Our Vision: “To make every digital user happy”

Our Mission: To deliver a best seller app by continuously improving it on all quality dimensions, faster and cheaper.

Our unique value proposition: - Maximize automation, technology and user engagement to predict the accuracy and market alignment. - Innovate in QA products and platforms: TaaS cloud platform (oprimes), full-stack test automation solution (Infinitum), fully-equipped digital QA lab on cloud, accelerators built over open-source stack. - Thought leadership to bring user engagement into QA lifecycle to derive continuous improvement and early digital innovation.

EXP: 3-5 years Job Location: Bangalore(Work form office) Client- Phonepe

Skills: Web + mobile + Debugging tools + API + domain (stock & trading, share market)

Primary Skills- Debugging Tool, Charles Proxy, Mobile Application, XCode

  • Experience in testing mobile apps in iOS ,Android and Web Applications Domain experience stock & trading, share market is must

  • Experience in debugging logs/crash using Android SDK (adb commands) , Xcode tools & Web app network logs

  • Understanding about the Android & iOS App build process

  • Experience in troubleshooting client & server issues.

  • Good understanding in Mobile & Web tech ecosystem

  • Good at Test cases / use cases preparation for given feature

  • Knowledge of test methodology and tools, software testing standards, methods and conventions, build systems, and the product development cycle.


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