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DevOps and AWS

Our Software Engineers builds state-of-the art healthcare applications that empower doctors, administrators, and patients in the healthcare delivery process. You will be responsible for the delivering high-quality platform based solutions as part of the Platform Engineering team to support maximizing opportunity cost by ensuring that product value reaches customers in the quickest, most reliable and cost-effective way. All team members take responsibility for the quality and value of the software we provide to customers through continuous delivery.

As a Lead DevOps Engineer you will take ownership of a wide range of infrastructure and tooling to support the engineering teams who are developing a number of market-leading Healthcare solutions. You'll work closely with the development teams to ensure that they have optimal and highly performant Microsoft-centric development environments, build systems and test automation infrastructure in place. This is a varied and challenging role which will enable you to use a wide range of technologies including C#, .Net, Visual Studio, AWS, and PowerShell.

Required Skills

  • Minimum 12+ years of experience in DevOps and AWS cloud Infrastructure (12 – 16 years)

  • Tech lead who has consistently demonstrated the capability to develop high level technical design

  • Help in building product technical roadmap and advancing technical capabilities

  • Advanced knowledge working with Microsoft C# .NET based products (builds and deployments, MSBuild)

  • Good knowledge of Microsoft .Net development environments (Visual Studio)

  • Advanced knowledge in AWS Infrastructure

  • Good understanding of Windows operating systems

  • Advanced knowledge in scripting like Powershell

  • Advanced knowledge in automating infrastructure with Terraform

  • Advanced knowledge in designing and implementing CI/CD pipeline with tools like Jenkins, TeamCity, Azure DevOps

  • Good knowledge of version control tools like GIT, Bitbucket

  • Knowledge in configuration management tools like Ansible, Chef or Puppet

  • Assist in Code Reviews and Design Reviews.

  • Independently work with the team in planning, outlining the tasks involved in a project and executing tasks assigned in a timely fashion.

  • Independently determine most effective engineering solutions to meet business requirements

  • Good understanding of Agile methodology

Desired Skills

  • Microsoft SQLServer, MySQL Database administration

  • Working on containers with Docker and Kubernetes

  • Serverless automation

Required Education

  • Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering/Computer Science OR equivalent degree.


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