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CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Chief Financial Officer for Garment Industry -


  • Monthly and Annual Accounts, internal and Statutory Audits finalization including consolidation

  • Fundraising, Trade finance and preparing for raising Private Equity and IPO

  • Banking and finance cost optimization

  • Direct and Indirect taxes

  • MIS & Cost controls

  • Secretarial and legal matters

  • Preparation of Financial Statements

  • Cash Flow Planning and Management and compliances with investors and ARC

  • Direct and Indirect Taxation planning, management, and compliances.

  • MIS and Budgeting introduced various MIS Reports and developed the budgeting system for controls, monitoring, and risk management.

  • Secretarial matters actively interact with the secretarial team for filings and listing agreements, Audits, and other compliances.

  • Financial Planning and Funds raising for Projects under Implementation.

  • Budgeting, MIS Reporting, and internal controls.

  • Corporate laws and Secretarial Compliances.


  • Arranging long term funds debt and equity.

  • Raised the fund through the preferential issue, private equity and Rights

  • issue, and term loan.

  • Arranging short term capital funds for working capital and documentation thereon and renewal of working capital funds from banks under consortium.

  • Analysis and requirement of the working capital fund and non-fund based limits and Preparation of CMA for Working Capital funds.

  • Coordinating with Banks for LC and Bill discounting.

  • Assisted in preparation of a Business plan of the Company.

  • Presentation and Review of monthly MIS reports.


  • Cost Audit

  • Preparation of Profitability Statement of various Marketing Division

  • Analysis of the performance of various plants of the Company.

  • Co-ordination of data and presenting the same for review meeting by Directors

  • Actual costing of Products along with value addition of products.


  • Preparation of projection on Accounts.

  • Filling of the balance sheet with ROC and Income tax department.

  • Preparation of Annual Return and filing the same with ROC.


  • Computation of income tax.

  • Assessment and computation of Advance Tax Payable.

  • Filling of income tax return

  • Co-ordinating with the Tax Auditor for obtaining the Tax Audit Report and submission of various details on a tax audit.


  • Filing of Case with the help of Advocate in the matter of dishonor of cheques.

  • Filing of the petition in High Court for amalgamation, and various affidavits.

  • Drafting Appeal in Excise and Custom maters

  • Drafting various deeds and power of Attorney.

  • Applying for Trade-Marks with help of advocates

Location- Thane Mumbai

EXp- 15+ yrs

NP- Immediate to 15 days


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